Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just another day..

Well I finally made a blog to capture some of my journey through culinary school. I have been in school for 6 months now and I have learned so much. Things I have never heard of, techniques, and the broad variety of food. Never knew how much cooking was a passion on mine. Cooking to me is an art, creating and plating a dish is like a master piece. It brings me peace and serenity. As of now I am in Baking & Pastry, and today we made Eclairs. Sorry to say I was warned by my chef to NEVER give out this recipe... SORRY!!! But I hope you Enjoy!!


  1. looks delish! Can you give us a hint on the recipe?

  2. OH my goodnesss they look fantastic..So when are you coming home!!!! I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not just sooo yummy, but gorgeous, too!!!!!
    BTW, am I correct in assuming that you'll also be doing desserts as SC chef?